Newcomer/ Let’s talk about your mindfulness…

I’d thrown it away a big chunk of my teenage hood. In saying that, I banished my childhood. I find it terrifying to confront my younger years, most of what I remember are the bad things: the things that didn’t go my way or in a more appreciative direction. I would spend a large amount of each day, worrying as I do, about what the future may hold. I’d break myself down, thinking about the past. And in the mists of running around in my head all day, I wouldn’t get to enjoy the beautiful sun or play with my siblings.

I spoke to a counselor recently. We spoke about the big 1 6. It’s the little things that I pick at when I’m simply bored. See, we determined that I put a lot of pressure on myself to be perfect. For my fellow readers, I’m a Virgo. And a part of being a Virgo is that we’re “perfectionist”. A clear personality trait of mine, you’d pick it up if you knew me well. Anywho, the lovely counselor referred me to two apps – Headspace & Smiling Mind – which are proving effective.

I’m here to talk about Mindfulness. What is mindfulness? It is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. Ask yourself; How aware am I of my surroundings? How close am I paying attention to the quality of my mind?

Take a moment to simply b r e a t h e. Gently roll your shoulders back with the intention of releasing all bodily tension. Now breathe. Breathing in for three seconds and out for three. Pay attention of the subtle movement of your stomach. As it goes up and down, in sync with your breath. Focus solely on your breathing. Let go of negative vibrations. Let go on tension. In this moment, this is all that matters. This moment is all that matters right now. Naturally, your mind may wonder, so slowly bring it back to your breathing. In and out. Up and down. Turn all of your thoughts and concerns into clouds. Create an image in your mind that reflects your peacefulness in this moment. Better yet, image your laying in meadow of sunflowers. It’s a beautiful day. The breeze is gentle, caressing your soft skin, and the sun is warm, soaking your skin with wealthy vitamins, as you just lay there. All your thoughts and concerns are clouds, floating by as you watch. Smile and appreciate the peace you get when your mind is like this. Free of thought, free of worry, free to be. Come back to your breathing. In for three, out for three. Notice as your body is relaxed and your mind is calm.

For anyone who seeks it, mindfulness is theirs. Just ten minutes of mindful meditation everyday, before you start your day, and you’ll be ready to maturely overcome anything. Or at the very least, mend the situation. This practice has helped me to focus on NOW/ the present, instead of the past and future. Although, it may help you with your own situation.

A special thank you to my fellow readers. I hope you got something out of Tara’s Treat today. Bless you & Farewell O:-)